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Thanks for the clickys - silly dragon meme :)
ball o'purr
The "scroll" says the egg is doing much better now, and it has almost 6 more days to hatch - I just hope it isn't a chicken egg - amost all seem to be dragon eggs, but I saw someone who'd hatched a chicken once. Or for all I know, chickens may be of great trading value in this game, I don't really know what I'm doing, I just thought a dragon for my sig.file would be a cute thing.

Here is what it looks like now - that is, it still looks like a grey egg, and the picture will change if it hatches, but I *think* this link will give stats on how long until hatching/death, ect. If it dosn't hatch on it's own, you can crack it open and cross your fingers, but half or more of the time you do that, if it lives, it's 'scared of you' and 'runs away'

Adopt one today!

EDIT - ah - clicking it now gets the extra info to show


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