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New Apartment
ball o'purr
I think this is what they call "good" stress. The apartment I've been on a waiting list for the past two years is now available. I may be able to get keys as soon as Wednesday.

Where I'm going to get the deposits by Wednesday is a good question. I hadn't thought the place would come available for several months yet, and all my personal savings have been eaten by "save the house" level disasters. Real true emergencies though, nothing to regret.

Anyone willing to help me move?

Baltimore townhouse (safe area) to Towson apartment (Town Center)

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I was not aware that you were considering moving...boy, am I out of the loop!!! :)

Tangent and I have both been hoping to move since soon after I moved in. Unfortunatly, this arrangement only gets me out of the old house. But he too has plans for excape.

Congrats! Sounds good. I'm a bit too far from Baltimore here, but good luck on the move :-)

Blessings on the new home. Wish I were close enough to help with the move.

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