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Moving has begun - bribes below
ball o'purr
The apartment is a bit smaller and grubbier than I'd hoped, but on the other hand I got the 13th floor with pretty night views and to the west to see sunsets. (Daytime Towsend remains, daytime Towsend - little glamor there.)

Packing and moving are taking place sort of simultaneously as I wasn't expecting this yet and we are short on boxes and plan. Oh well, we can recycle the boxes back and forth, it's a nearby move.

For those of you local the call is still out - help me move, get great karma, 1st choice of "pruned" books* or anything else being left by the wayside and a party once I'm settled.

* mostly gardening, this seemed like the right time to give up plans for elaborate gardens and to keep to plants in pots. Hydrophonic even.

- Karen

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Yeah, something about the 13th floor doesn't exactly lend itself to a large garden!

My phone number here is 240-547-0685. Give me a ring with details. I'm not so hot at hauling but I've become a whiz at packing & I have three wardrobe boxes I can lend you. Also, I have a source for free boxes.

I've left you a message at your house, but if you don't get it, the number is still 443 850 4039

It's time for us to admit we need some help with this

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