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Tangent's Teeth
ball o'purr
have given him trouble for some time now. Both his parents had rotten teeth and with the best care he's been able to give his, they are still failing him.

With the best care he's been able to give them, that's a phrase... He has full Medicare/Medicaid (I'm too worried and mad right now to make distinctions - he has Government Health) full coverage, but full coverage does not mean dental. Yet it is full. We tread on philosophy here. And tread in fear. My Mom was just telling me about a boy who died of his teeth, I made her stop, I don't want to know this right now.

Tangent went to his physical therapy today (neck work from a rear ending he received) and his teeth were so bad that the therapist couldn't work on him without causing more pain. She's afraid that it's an infection that could spread to his brain and had him walked over to ER.

I'm at home, waiting for a friend to come to drive me over so I can be the support brigade.
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And here are some people who want to make me belive that the US health system is the best in the world and just perfect as it is.

I hope he gets better soon!

I don't know anyone in the US who believes that. There may be such people, but I don't know any.

My personal group-think tends more towards, the US has fantastic health care for those who can afford it (or who are on a plan that covers it). The plans however are sort of a lottery - you have to guess what will go wrong with you, and see if you can buy against that. If it's dental (for example,) you can't. Yet I am 'lucky', I live in a state that covers depression and other mental health ailments. If I moved an hour or so north, I could cut my cost of living by at least a third, possibly half - and loose all mental health coverage - even meds.

What we don't have is a system. We have a mis-mash of several partial systems, none complete.

There is a saying amongst the bitter here - that health care system is a triple oxymoron.

:hugs: How are you andn he now?

For future reference, as it won't do you any good immediately: Medicaid will pay for tooth extractions only for adults. Pretty pointless, actually.

I went with AARP's Medicare plus program, and for an extra 19 bucks a month, I get a somewhat passable dental benefit. I'm still spending about $50 a filling.

Thank you. We are going to look into this, do you have an 800 number?

Here's their web page. If you sit there too long some woman comes out and starts talking. I don't have an 800 number right now, sorry. Battling a bad headache that doesn't want to let up.

I hope things are better today.

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