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Tangent's Teeth Update
ball o'purr
Thanks to everyone for the support.

There is a nasty infection, technically two infections - one for each side of his head, but it has not spread. I don't think the generic penicillin they gave is really going to cure it tho, but I've also got reason to believe he'll be able to get something more in the Amoxcillin range soon, because.....

The really good news is a dentist has agreed to let Tangent owe him money. The appointment is for Monday.

Weird that an opportunity to accumulate debt is good news, but it is. This guy has seen Tangent before, done some work on him that was supposed to be covered by a grant that fell through, Tangent paid it off. They have some mutual respect.

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So glad he has a dentist who'll work with him.

Y'all do know about the University of Maryland dental clinic at 600 W. Baltimore St. downtown, right? They do either emergency work on a lottery basis if you get there stupidly early OR you can agree to be in a dental treatment plan over an extended time, and they get you set to rights. They take medical assistance, and while I owe them a whole bunch as my half of the treatment (my joke of dental insurance picks up the other half), they do not bother me about it at all, are happy with small frequent payments, don't cut off treatment just because you owe. They don't publicize this but this has been my experience. If you have a guy you work with, that's cool, but I can recommend the dental school.

We live in a weird world where medical stuff involving your teeth isn't covered the way every other body part is. I've never understood that.

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