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Pre Craigs-List
ball o'purr
I've got some things that the move has shown me I don't have room for. I'm planning on craigslisting them, but they are not in nice neat boxes ready for photos and pricing. So this is both a heads up to friends who want to make an offer, and a request for pricing advice.

A huge amount of Creative Memories Stuff (TM) - sort by type or just sell by volume? Some of the older stickers may have lost some stick, but if you use page protectors I think they'd be fine. Suggestions? Offers?

Rubber Stamping Stuff. Some by Stamp it Up. Many sets. Photo and sell the sets separately, and the rest en masse or just all in a pile? Again, I ask for suggestions and offers.

A massage table, well cared for. I HATE selling this, I really do, but I've got absolutely no room for it and can't manage doing sufficient massage hours to live on anymore. Living Earth Craft - which I consider equlivant to Oakworks, just a smaller company. Extra thick foam top. Folds to carry. Comes with headrest extension.

A massage chair. Oakworks. With carrying case, light use, well cared for.


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