I haz an eggza???
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I think I finaly got a dragon egg. Now to see if I can hatch it.

Adopt one today!

Please give it clickys, this is supposed to help it hatch.

- edit- this was an abandoned egg -
Right now it has 36 views 25 unique views but only 3 clicks - and when T clicked it for me, the click didn't raise the click number, only the view numbers - this is weird - apparently the egg is in a fog.

Anyone out there know how to do this? The fourms don't seem to acknowledge my password, so I can't post, and most of the discusssion on them seems to be "OMG, I"M 12 too!" and has nothing to do with dragons in any case.

Darkover-con Question / Artist Trading Cards
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Is anyone (besides me that is) intrested in doing something with Artist Trading Cards at the con? If so, do you think we should try to get a last minute panel together, do a trade meet up, or what? Where - in the lobby or maybe the hall outside the art show, in the con suite? And when of course...the curse of cons, that things have to take place at specific, non-overlapping times.


my settings are wrong
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supposedly, my comments, and responses to my comments, show up on my 'inbox' page

except they don't

and they don't show up in my email either

i wonder what bizzare and antique email of mine LJ has reverted to? if it is even that simple

Alphabet Meme, the kitty compels you
Someone gives you a letter, you post ten things that you love and that start with that letter. You can either use the next letter in the alphabet than the one you saw, which I think is the first way it was done, or ask the person 'ahead' of you in line to pick a letter. (To avoid entire friendslists 'doing' oh, say, Q, or Z. Tho that might be fun too.

I got B.

1) Beads and.....

2) Baubles (and all sorts of other Beautiful things, which was too vague to use) &

3) Bees, honey bees, bumble bees, buzzing bees, but not spelling bees &

4) Bakeries - full of brownies, and bread.... and bakalava.... &

5) Books - can't belive books waited till number five, but I've been beading a lot lately, and all the books in sight are about beads or healdry - and I'm trying to make healdric beads, and it is very distracting &

6) Being Loved - should be number one, but gerunds, passive gerunds, such odd words, and I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be flow of consciousness or not

7) Bedtime and my comfy BED. Also, the letters P&G - I've got a kid on this internet.

8) Brocade, beautiful, intricate, heavy and soft -

9) Board games - some of them anyhow -

10) Beginnings - and I'm just silly enough to put them at the end.

Silly test poll
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I will now put the silly test poll behind an lj cut. But it woud help me if some of you would take it, so I'd have silly test data to play with. There is a real poll I want to run later.

Hidden Seckret NinJaa Silly Test Poll Hidden HereCollapse )

Luke's progress
I don't know if Luke still doesn't know that he's dying.

In fact I think he may be catching on. To *something* anyhow. He's not the brightest dog, he may not 'get it' much, ever, if at all,

One rear leg just isn't as good anymore, and it doesn't suddenly get better when we clip the nails, like all the other legs do. (Luke's nails, on hardwood stairs, are not convinient even for a healthy beast.)

Eliminiation, well, he still has a lot to say over when it comes out, but what comes out isn't what we've all been used to. And sometimes he needs to go alll the time, and sometimes we send him out and he can't figure out why. So he'll go bark at something.

The intermittent blindness of the one eye seems to be bothering him now, where before he had good enough sight in the other eye, and enough Doggish Zen Peacefullness to shrug that off. Now it can make him visibly distressed. And he stinks. He stinks a bit over all, but when he farts or breaths on you he smells like he's already dead. For months. Last night the scent woke me, I thought he'd died, I really did, just from the scent.

And sometimes he picks at his food and sometimes he bosses Miles off of it and eats both dishes. And vomits. Though vomiting can be random too, and is still not in a class with Mr Super Hair Ball the Cat, who shall remain Namless, although the Other Cat points out that NO FEMALE CATS have thrown up here in months. And that's enough about stick their noses into it cats.

He still loves him his stinky laundry, he loves him his soft places, and his stretching out across doorways, and getting his Tramadol in a stinky meat candy paste. I'm not sure if he's hooked on the Tramadol or on the meat past, but he's hooked. He still loves licking his people, his cats, his little poodle packmate. Sort of OCDish, but seems to satisfy him.

But I don't know if he will see the Indian Summer.

I'll feel like a total BITCH MONSTER BAD MOMMY for making him go up and down stairs all the too hot summer if he can't have the Indian Summer. That was supposed to be the last beautiful ok time, and then it would get cold, and we'd know not to make him have to live thu the cold. He'd have his last long days to lay in the sun and we wouldn'' have to call him in like now, August, to keep him from dying of heatstroke instead of cancer.

No way was he going to see another Christmas, that was the vet's original outside Dx, or rather, that she's be astounded if he did. And that if the tumor (tumors, later) moved wrong and blocked something, it could have been tomorrow, starting with the tomorrow of that day in the spring. That was the close in call.

I thought I'd been very calm and accepting about all this. After all, he was a rescue.

An after the last minute rescue, who vindicated forever John Tangent's umbilical attachment to his phone. The shelter had him scheduled to die if not adopted that day. Tangent was caught in traffic and couldn't get there till about 10 minutes after they closed to the public. They would have been mid procedure. But he'd gotten them on the phone, and Luke was there waiting for him.

That was about four years ago, and DAMMIT, I'm not done with this dog. In Indian Summer I could have sat out with him. I can hardly make it to and from the car some of these days what with the heat and my meds. They may be great meds, but I CANT get hot when I'm on them.


I should put up pictures, but I'm not up to it. Maybe later.

Or at least after, if it comes to that and I havent done it yet.

I know I'v been offline (quite) a while, but I'm back.
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And just here to be saying, you know, somedays it's just to nice a day to get out of bed. Apologies of course to those of you on conventional schedules, try to take comfort in conventional income if applicable.

I've been offline forever and for no particular reason. Then, the longer I'd been off, the more awkward it seemed to start up again. After all, how would I explain where I'd 'been'????

Today I realized that this was ridiculus. Or as they say at Hogwarts - RIDIKKULIUS!!!

So I'm blogging again.


Mostly, things here are going well. I've got some new meds, I like them. I'm getting a case managere, I hope I'll like her (or she'll be so fantasticly good that I won't CARE if I like her)

The usual major exceptions to things going well are (of course) of the house trying to kill us (still) and the 2 new major exceptions -

*the neighborhood 'kids' over the age of 12 and below the age of 21 randomly attacking our car one time

*and Luke the dog still dying, but also, blessedly not seeming to make a big deal of it, possibly -still- not knowing he's dying, he seems to just think he's old, which he is. Just sleeping more, and still loving his kibble, and loving his people when he is awake and loving a comfy spot to go back to sleep on more often than expected.

In the more current bloggish twaddle I opend up the laptop to write about....

The Tangent and I went to Goodwill's Midnight Madness last night. I'd expected to spend today in bed, but unconscious or complaining, and instead I feel fine, just a lovely lassitude and the joy of clean sheets.

Oh, and um guilty look, we managed to spend over $80.00-ouchy- at G-W, with no funiture purchaces, no electronics, no clothes, almost no houswears, and Everything half off.

The thing was, they'd unlocked the jewerly and nick-nack cabniets _from the front_ and just has someone sort of keeping an eye that no one was shoveling the stuff directly into their pockets. A lot of of that jewelery was made from perfectly nice beads, strung together by persons either totaly without style, or totaly subservient to the taste of the times, the far past times, in which they beaded. (Alas, non of the times were SO far in the past as to be genuine vintage find in themselves.) Never fear fair readers, I shall rehome the beads! If you see me it is a fair question to ask how things are going with the beads, rehomed and other wise - I've found a consingment outlet and determined to get serious about my production levels. Beads, Sculpy and Scavaged Stuff! NOT that that's the biz name..... The biz name is *prob* "Karen's Purple Cat, or Cats" or "Purple Cat Products (or Productions???) or something like that. Y'all may consider yourselves a focus group if you like. But it was a joyous experience, 'pawing' thru those beads, it felt almost like I was putting something over on them, and yet I knew they'd set the prices. I bought nothing that I would not have had to pay more to make myself.

Also, there were some lovely cowrie/dowrie chokers, but I got just one, not really sca period, and too nice to pick apart. I think I'm going to have to figure out who it's a gift for. It sort of jumped in the pile.

We also got a bit of some new kitchen stuff, mugs and such, tho not the blender or extra blender crafe that had been the main target item (woman on phone said they had 'lots') we got there half an hour later and there were none, plenty of bread makers ands slow cookers tho. We don't need extra bread makers or slow cookers.

Tangent got a box of CD, some I think for keeping, and some for Soundgarten. One I know, he would have gotten just for the cover art, but the music might have been a draw too. Some group I've never heard of, dressed up retro 50's, posing infront/three-quarters view of the Senator. You can't read the full marquee, but if you've been there, you can't not reconize the place either. If there is intrest, I'll ask him to scan in the cover an post it - see if anyon knows anything about the group.

So that was yesterday, and today I think will be napping and unpacking. The consingment place is for my handmade (including handstrung, tho they are very excited about the beadmaking) stuff, so I'll need to decide which of my finds to put in the SCA/flea pile and what to callously plunder for spacer beads to accent my stuff. If I do that over the weekend, I might have a contract and first lot of consignment sometime next week!

But now the nap




(no subject)
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Yes the Ambrosia dinner plans are for tonight, Thursday, 6/7/7.

Nerd Meme
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Social Butterflies' Dining Habits and a Link for your Sausage
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Establishing our true and great geekiness, john_tangent and I ran in to scooterbird and his red-headed offspring (whose username I have completly forgotten) at the Staples .99 cent display, whilst dithering over sharpies.

We managed to natter on until efbq called to see if her husband had gotten lost in the wilds of Columbia, and then invited us to dinner. Me and john_tangent, anyhow. I'm reasonable sure her family members were already invited.

So, since we were increasing the number of mouths at table by a good percentage, we swung by a Safeway intent on pita and hummus. Distractable as we are, we got pita, babba ganush (sp????) and a nifty white cheddar soaked in cabernet until it became a nifty PURPLE CHEESE. This was a good thing.

As were the things provided by efbq herself, noodles with red or peanut sauce, fancy green salad, cider (which I always forget how much I like, till I drink it all up a a friends house) home dried tomatos.... and a kitten.... who was not on the menu, but didn't quite realize how keeping away from the table might *keep* her off the menu. CUTE kitten. A valiant huntress of the_red_dot_of_light_that_MOVES. I believe there are pics of her in efbq's journal.

Also got to see some of her pottery (no, not the cat's pottery) and discuss stage helmetry.

Anyone here who's not already on her list want to make suggestions for "Knights of the Rad Table" helmets? - high school level? They have something called a Vacu-form, and can make models from sample helms quite simply, it appears, and the helmets won't be subject to any combat. The actors would like their faces to show. Any SCA help out there?,

There was also discussion of knitting large loopy sweaters and spraypainting them for chain mail - does this really work? It seems to have a history in stage costuming.

And for the link sausage - http://www.thenation.com/doc/20070108/solnit - it is a "speculative non-fiction" - a magazine article "year in review' from 2025 - but the author decides, supposedly from boredom with writing year in review articles, to write a quarter century review. The ultimate fates of George the Younger and Hillary Clinton are revealed, along with an update on polar bears and a new use for SUVs. That's all I'm telling.


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