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I'm back

Hello again LJworld, I'm, as I said, back.

Just testing out this client for LJ on android, and waving at my friends list.

Happy Holidays to you all, as many of them as you care to celebrate and no more of them than you can.
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Pre Craigs-List

I've got some things that the move has shown me I don't have room for. I'm planning on craigslisting them, but they are not in nice neat boxes ready for photos and pricing. So this is both a heads up to friends who want to make an offer, and a request for pricing advice.

A huge amount of Creative Memories Stuff (TM) - sort by type or just sell by volume? Some of the older stickers may have lost some stick, but if you use page protectors I think they'd be fine. Suggestions? Offers?

Rubber Stamping Stuff. Some by Stamp it Up. Many sets. Photo and sell the sets separately, and the rest en masse or just all in a pile? Again, I ask for suggestions and offers.

A massage table, well cared for. I HATE selling this, I really do, but I've got absolutely no room for it and can't manage doing sufficient massage hours to live on anymore. Living Earth Craft - which I consider equlivant to Oakworks, just a smaller company. Extra thick foam top. Folds to carry. Comes with headrest extension.

A massage chair. Oakworks. With carrying case, light use, well cared for.
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Tangent's Teeth Update

Thanks to everyone for the support.

There is a nasty infection, technically two infections - one for each side of his head, but it has not spread. I don't think the generic penicillin they gave is really going to cure it tho, but I've also got reason to believe he'll be able to get something more in the Amoxcillin range soon, because.....

The really good news is a dentist has agreed to let Tangent owe him money. The appointment is for Monday.

Weird that an opportunity to accumulate debt is good news, but it is. This guy has seen Tangent before, done some work on him that was supposed to be covered by a grant that fell through, Tangent paid it off. They have some mutual respect.
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Tangent's Teeth

have given him trouble for some time now. Both his parents had rotten teeth and with the best care he's been able to give his, they are still failing him.

With the best care he's been able to give them, that's a phrase... He has full Medicare/Medicaid (I'm too worried and mad right now to make distinctions - he has Government Health) full coverage, but full coverage does not mean dental. Yet it is full. We tread on philosophy here. And tread in fear. My Mom was just telling me about a boy who died of his teeth, I made her stop, I don't want to know this right now.

Tangent went to his physical therapy today (neck work from a rear ending he received) and his teeth were so bad that the therapist couldn't work on him without causing more pain. She's afraid that it's an infection that could spread to his brain and had him walked over to ER.

I'm at home, waiting for a friend to come to drive me over so I can be the support brigade.
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Moving has begun - bribes below

The apartment is a bit smaller and grubbier than I'd hoped, but on the other hand I got the 13th floor with pretty night views and to the west to see sunsets. (Daytime Towsend remains, daytime Towsend - little glamor there.)

Packing and moving are taking place sort of simultaneously as I wasn't expecting this yet and we are short on boxes and plan. Oh well, we can recycle the boxes back and forth, it's a nearby move.

For those of you local the call is still out - help me move, get great karma, 1st choice of "pruned" books* or anything else being left by the wayside and a party once I'm settled.

* mostly gardening, this seemed like the right time to give up plans for elaborate gardens and to keep to plants in pots. Hydrophonic even.

- Karen
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New Apartment

I think this is what they call "good" stress. The apartment I've been on a waiting list for the past two years is now available. I may be able to get keys as soon as Wednesday.

Where I'm going to get the deposits by Wednesday is a good question. I hadn't thought the place would come available for several months yet, and all my personal savings have been eaten by "save the house" level disasters. Real true emergencies though, nothing to regret.

Anyone willing to help me move?

Baltimore townhouse (safe area) to Towson apartment (Town Center)
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And then there were more (four)

Now I have my first grey egg

Adopt one today!

a new stone egg

Adopt one today!

a shocking pink egg

Adopt one today!

and a clean white egg

Adopt one today!

But the scoll at tells more about them.

The grey rock one is pedigreed - Mommy was a rock and Dad is a patch of strangle vine. I'm curious about hot pink tho.

Anyone not yet bored by clicking has my thanks and gratitude. The baby dragons, once (if) hatched, are far more intresting - I promise.
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Thanks for the clickys - silly dragon meme :)

The "scroll" says the egg is doing much better now, and it has almost 6 more days to hatch - I just hope it isn't a chicken egg - amost all seem to be dragon eggs, but I saw someone who'd hatched a chicken once. Or for all I know, chickens may be of great trading value in this game, I don't really know what I'm doing, I just thought a dragon for my sig.file would be a cute thing.

Here is what it looks like now - that is, it still looks like a grey egg, and the picture will change if it hatches, but I *think* this link will give stats on how long until hatching/death, ect. If it dosn't hatch on it's own, you can crack it open and cross your fingers, but half or more of the time you do that, if it lives, it's 'scared of you' and 'runs away'

Adopt one today!

EDIT - ah - clicking it now gets the extra info to show