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Writer's Block: Transportation
ball o'purr
In the past they promised us jetpacks for the future. We’re still waiting. What is your ideal mode of transportation? Has it been invented yet?
anne mccafferey's dragons - best friends who can fly and teleport

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I'm a best friend, and I wanna teleport!

cool, maybe I can turn you into a dragon

will Lise mind?

I dunno. What do I get to do to the fair maiden?

Dragons that teleport sound good. Apart from that I'd take beaming. I've been waiting for that since childhood.

mechanical teleportation makes me as nervous as it ever did Dr McCoy

maybe they'd get the parts right - but the synergy - and the waveforms, the various energy levels........

I know I'm not getting my dragons, but they just 'go there' - the process is natural for them - and I get the bonues of flying and a giant emphatic, telepathic (to me and other dragons at least) friend and guardian - imagine a georgous gold queen -all yours - sleeping on the roof of your offfice building - someone tries to undercut you and the dragon gets restless , starts tapping her tail against the window

Dragons are incredibly cool. I'd love to have this tap-tap on the window when my boss acts up again :-) And I'd take a dragon and telepathy any time, even without the teleport.

And you can feed the dragon with your enemies!

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